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Interview for TV

The chef of the restaurant Andrey Luzin cooks a sterlet for the Russian Travel Guide TV channel


A lot of people like fried fish, but they rarely cook it, considering the cooking process time–consuming, and eating is difficult due to the abundance of small bones. Fried carp is one of the favorite dishes in Chinese cuisine, local chefs have learned how to skillfully carve and cook it. But even without Chinese virtuosos, any housewife can pamper her family with this dish. After all, river carp, properly butchered and fried in hot oil to a crispy crust, hiding a tender, juicy pulp inside, is a real treat! The chef of the restaurant and hotel complex "Russian Courtyard" Andrey Luzin is ready to prove this.



The chef of the restaurant "Russky Dvorik" Andrey Luzin is again participating in the popular project "Cook with the chef". Today he's cooking ceviche from perch. Ceviche, a dish that has become popular in Russia relatively recently, came to us from Latin America. This is a traditional dish of Peruvian cuisine, which is accustomed to eating fresh fish and a large amount of spices.